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Smart Modular Drone Concept 2020

To design, mockup and model a new and innovative Smart Modular Drone design concept based upon a selected specific drone application category.

There will be collaborative global teamwork on this project with student teams, guided by two team faculty mentors, that will develop, build and simulate a final drone concept. Individual team members will also develop and document their own project work appropriately. Each team will divide the project work up among the team members for developing the final integrated design concept. There will be ten (10) members in each project team coming from 3-4 global universities. Each team member will have specific tasks for the project development as well as general overall design input responsibility.

To research, ideate and develop a design concept solution meeting a real-world need using the Design Thinking process—Research, Definition, Ideation, Making, and Test. The design process and final solution should emphasize product design for human need, usability, functionality, utility, interaction, ergonomics, emotion, form, modularity, technology and aesthetics. 

Student teams will be designated and first decide on the category of practical application for their drone project from the provided IDEEA 2020 Drone Project Application Categories. The teams will then execute empathic contextual and discovery research to define real-world application needs within their drone application category. They will then develop ideas and concepts for the drone design that will meet their identified key category human needs. Finally, student teams will each develop a “soft” precision mockup and a CAD model of their final drone solution concept design.

Final Deliverables
 Presentation — a team presentation of the project process, development and solution results (mock-ups/prototypes) will be given on July 21-23 at the IDEEA annual meeting in Wuppertal, Germany. In addition students will provide documentation such as project reports and posters.