Challenge Hamilton 2023

Creating new solutions for automated transshipment of goods (AToG)

Revolutionizing global logistics: In todays dynamic world the delivery and handling of goods needs to be considered in a wide variety of use cases. IDEEA, a collaborative project for students from universities around the world, challenges students to find new, innovative ideas. Students collaborate extensively online on innovative solutions for the automated handling of goods (AToG) within targeted B2B and B2C logistics chains. This unique endeavor promotes compelling customer experiences, environmental sustainability, and global scalability.

"Embarking on the IDEEA 2023 project, the challenge is not merely to automate goods transshipment but to innovate within the vast landscape of global logistics, where creativity converges with complexity."

The Task

Creating new solutions for automated transshipment of goods for selected parts of B2B and/or B2C logistics chains

Focused on revolutionizing automated goods handling in both B2B and B2C logistics chains, the project addresses the challenges of today’s long logistics chains, from production to final delivery. It also takes into account the variety of packages that are delivered and need to be handled with care. These issues create a number of pain points for customers that negatively impact the overall experience. Existing solutions, such as delivery robots, often prove to be limited in terms of capacity and loading of goods.
The goals of the project were clear: select a baseline logistics chain, generate a case study for automated handling, and understand the broader social, economic, and technological context. The develop an innovative solution.

The project’s journey included meticulous research into existing supply chains, customer needs, and pain points. Key performance indicators, including customer experience, standardization, scalability, and sustainability, guided the project evaluation.

Using the steps of design thinking – research, define, ideate, make, and test – they developed new products with a human-centered perspective. Read on for insights into the IDEEA 2023 solutions.

Prepare for the Future

Become part in building a platform for academia, students and industry to meet, exchange ideas, foster collaboration and make new friendships!

Embarking on the journey of creating an innovative concept is a unique experience for students. Unlike typical university courses, the program's approach integrates project work, synthesizes knowledge from multiple disciplines, and trains skills critical to the workplace - discussing ideas, conducting meetings, and meeting deadlines. These skills are invaluable when transitioning to the workplace, benefiting students and companies alike.
For companies looking to engage with a community that is shaping the future of design and engineering education worldwide, your opportunity awaits. Join us in creating a thriving network of academia, students, and industry. By supporting this transformative process, you'll not only be part of the innovation, you'll be helping to build a dynamic platform. Contact us to be an integral force in fostering collaboration, sparking ideas, and making meaningful connections. It's more than just participating, it's building the future together!

Success for All

The project was a great success, demonstrating the students’ ability to overcome challenges within their groups and through international collaboration, both online and onsite in Canada. The results were excellent and many teams went beyond presentations to create intricate models and renderings of their ideas. The entire experience was not only productive, but also fun, a testament to the passion and dedication of everyone involved. A big thank you goes out to everyone who made this project possible and supported it along the way.

Looking ahead, next year’s project is already in the pipeline. Expected to kick off in March and end with the final presentation in Romania in July, the stage is set for another exciting and fruitful endeavor.